Category: Recommendations

Mrs. S.K.Weeratunga (1)This letter is written to provide a recommendation for SandG Associates. I had the pleasure of working with SandG Associates. The space they gave me was truly the highest and the lowest of all worlds – the dandiest sense which arose me every day, the primmest emotions. Which reminds my lovely childhood The cruelest desires, with the dismalest deeds which you may endure after spending all your money. Perhaps it was meant to be so. With sand Associates. more

Nalaka WijayawadanaTo whom it may concern,

 I had the privilege of obtaining services of S & G Associates led by Mr. Sugath Gamage when I hired them to build my house in Nugegoda in 2011. more

z_p61-PayTo whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this avowedly letter of recommendation on behalf of me and my family. SandG Associates were my contractor for modeling ad constructing my own house. I had no prior relationship with SandG Associates and they were introduced to me by one of my best friends. more

minister_finalTo Whom It May Concern,

With well earned respect, I confidently recommend the SandG Associates of Mr.Sugath Gamage, project manager and Workers in the association, superintendent for future projects and other complex construction projects in Sri Lanka. more