October 2014

Most companies selling surveyed plots offer the standard size of six to seven eight feet lands. I have always wondered where this size of plot originated from – after all, according to the building by-laws, the smallest acceptable plot is six perch in Colombo and seven perch in other parts of the country. But with a special permission you can build on much small lands even small than six perch.  One a SandG associates got to design house in five perch land in 2009.

Six perch and seven perch plots may seem small but it’s sufficient for the basic housing needs. Hinging on the design adopted for your plot, you can use your plot maximally. This document will show you couple of houses built on seven perch lands at the melting pots of the Colombo. more

Home is the safe place for anybody, whether you are satisfied with it or not so called home is heaven for anybody. Therefore before you are going to build house you select your location carefully. None of these suggestions available in the common folk is not going to help you to find better land plot. Because there are many contains before you best land selection. And this article all about land selection in Sri Lankan and how you should select you master land plot form the others. more