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z_p61-PayTo whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this avowedly letter of recommendation on behalf of me and my family. SandG Associates were my contractor for modeling ad constructing my own house. I had no prior relationship with SandG Associates and they were introduced to me by one of my best friends.

They were very smart with construction. The knew the right time and right thing to do.They too all the responsibilities including my won land matters etc. Infact I had the good time of working with my own project with Zero stress for my professional career.Th god wulaities of them am determined under these terms.

  1. The quality of work performed- the quality of work performed the work done was consistently top on a mountain pass. SandG Associates
  2. Quality of craftsmanship- Other than their work quality their working staff an the workers within the organization were superb. They were professional relaibe courteous and respectful of the homeowners property and privacy. I managed to build a house without a single complaint from my neighbors.
  3. Project management and coordination- My house was designed my one of the famous architects in the country and I have to please with him all the time. But Mr.Sugath Gamage managed to coordinate with the Architect and he managed to improve he final product ,my house. And he was also unable to manage the activities of the site by overseeing issues may arise. His excellent attention to detail, strong joints and their maintenance was very well thought to me.

At the end of the day let here be a good building, no explanations no regrets about what I have spent in making that building.And also I highly appreciate their woks and their house construction quality and recommend them for any other works of mine in the future.

Commissioner General Inland Revenue
Sri Lanka

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