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Sri Lanka is a land of water. It was Sri Lankan tradition where we celebrate water as our life. Or else ancient people have considered water as their own wealth. However having your won swimming pool in your own house is one of the luxury dreams which everybody does have. But the cost may be the concern or lack of professional knowledge or else the difficulty of maintaining etc. can be the concerns of you when you are counting on a swimming pool.

Nevertheless this is not that difficult with SandG Associates. We take care of you swimming pool with its maintaining etc. SandG Associate has ten experiences in building swimming pools all-round the country. And we have building almost thirty swimming pools so far with its very best of quality.


Along with an affordable, custom in-ground swimming pool with extraordinary value, you will enjoy Tranquility with its great quality. It’s the kind of confidence that comes from choosing one of the most trusted name in swimming pool construction in Sri Lanka – SandG Associates.

Considerations of building Swimming Pools in Sri Lanka              

This information describes the construction of a Swimming pool specially designed for “residential level swimming pool” and includes full details of wall and floor construction, reinforcing and drainage details. Should it be in demand to alter depth, structure or shape outside the scope etc.

Following factors should be considered when you are planning for a swimming pool.

  • Paved areas and Pool Fencing (Regulation here in Sri Lanka)
  • View/privacy of pool from neighbors(Special Consideration)
  • Access and the connection with your house
  • Relationship with garden, trees
  • Access to toilet ,Shower facilities and dressing facilities
  • View of pool from house(The architectural connection of the house and Swimming Pool)
  • Orientation to sun
  • Access to water supply
  • Shelter from wind
  • Shade from house, neighbors
  • Location of pump/filter unit (consider the noise made by the pump/filter)
  • Location of underground services

The construction of the Swimming does take its own quality time. Nothing can be better without its own construction period. Therefore with the settlement period of one month you will have to wait for a quality product.

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