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Mrs. S.K.Weeratunga (1)This letter is written to provide a recommendation for SandG Associates. I had the pleasure of working with SandG Associates. The space they gave me was truly the highest and the lowest of all worlds – the dandiest sense which arose me every day, the primmest emotions. Which reminds my lovely childhood The cruelest desires, with the dismalest deeds which you may endure after spending all your money. Perhaps it was meant to be so. With sand Associates.

Mr. Sugath made many contributions to my Project. He was instrumental in administering workers and sub-contractors throughout in the project. He had the vision and skill of developing a project from the foundation to the finishing stage. His leadership quality and management skills were sounded very well for the development of the project.

During the construction phase of the project, Mr. Sugath used his talents in human relations and networking skills to communicate with the workers on the project was highlighted. I do remember one incident he had handles carefully was my deed matter with the pradeshiya saba council. He conducted himself in a professional manner at all times and was a dedicated and conscientious team supervisor. He clearly contributed to the success of the project. I would look forward working with Mr. Sugath and SandG Associates again. They are good, genuine and quality people.

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