SandG Associates is one of the most experienced and respected building and civil construction firms in Sri Lanka. S and G Associates is a construction firm started in 1994 as a small scale house builder. SandG registration of 6746 (1994). At the time when nobody hadn’t had the vision of a professional  construction body for Sri Lanka but Mr.Sugath enable to accomplish with it. SandG Associates build with the intention of exceeding their clients’ expectations for Design, quality, functionality, Sri Lankan Style and aesthetics, and deliver finished products that endure the test of time.

“When we started SandG Associates, we wanted to be the most customer friendly construction organization which develops a perfect product,” said Mr.Sugath (CEO). “We’re not a general contractor; we want to take care of our customers, because we need great people, who are happy with our buildings and willing to delight with us in their every project. That’s one of the things that started us, making us different from the very beginning.”

Our trenchant purpose of building Good designs and the essence values we discerned in every projects are

  • Detail every single brick in the building
  • Respecting clients requirement and the prosperity of the buildings
  • Finishing the building until the perfection to its functionality

“Again building something different with its’ originality in an industry that has not always had a reputation for integrity and doing things right the first time,” said Mr.Sugath (CEO).


Building Buildings and Building Great Long-Standing Relationships

“Built to Buildings to the Last detail” and “define it  to the Great.”SandG Associates are created with its concept of finishing buildings. The most significant fact about SandG Associates past projects are that they all are done with its finishes. But that doesn’t end the relationship between clients, most of those clients are good friends of the organization and yet they are calling for their new projects.

And also Snag Associates products are well known for their long lasting quality and they are solid. Mr.Nadeesh said that the his house looks solid every day and come up with the match of the test of time.