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Designing of Houses and Construction

S and G Associates is one of the oldest designs and building construction companies and is in operation and consists of only the most skilled craftsman and experienced workers. The owner of the company Mr.Sugath Gamage is dedicated only to quality workmanship and is driven by pride and the enjoyment in dealing with challenging projects in any Sri Lankan context.   

The main goal of S and G Associates is to deliver ultimate client satisfaction, while ensuring project quality, feasibility and success. The process begins with considering all the requirements of the client followed by feasible planning for the house construction. The selected methodology of S and G Associates, clients may vary from one client to another, but in general it is our wish to serve people. For S and G Associates, the construction of a house doesn’t stop at the doorstep or handing over the keys. Our passion for creating elegant and solid buildings for people does make good relationship between us and the client.

Building and Construction

S and G Associates is based in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. The company comprises of three pillars; Design, Costing and Construction. S and G Associates started as a small scale builder but now it has the key capacity of building four to seven storey building in Sri Lanka. In addition to standard construction and building capabilities, S and G Associates is a client focused company which is able to assist at all levels of a possible development in Sri Lanka. From initial feasibilities to the maintenance of the constructed building and cost components to ensure the achievement of the project in a feasible manner is main concern in building. S and G Associates is a professional and realistic achiever for customers who are willing to spend their money in real investments. S and G Associates values relationships with key workers and sub workers in the organization.

Engineering and Consultancy

S and G Associates are a group of highly qualified Consultants. Engineers, projects consultants whose professional expertise and experience covers all major disciplines of design and construction, in relation to large and complex projects. The main concern of building is planning and building which is feasible for the client. This is main concern of S and G Associates by providing such a professional service to the customer.

Consultant Engineers have had a major influence in the design and building services offered by S and G Associates. The company have had created systems, ideas, and products resulting in cost efficient and timely deliverances and contracted maintenance operating costs of the projects.

Our main services in the industry are;

  • Manage the project in-house with professional consultants
  • Co-ordinate the project in house with the construction crew.
  • Provide programming and status reports
  • Attend all the design or site meetings
  • Give the client a single point of access for all inquiries
  • Able to make informed decisions at a high level of authority for any other statutory requirements.

Interior Design

S and G Associates is one of the competitive interior design and built crew in Sri Lanka. They have been providing quality interior design solutions for Sri Lankans since 1994. S and G Associates sum up of work includes.

  • Residential and House
  • Corporate and office decorations
  • Retail and shop renovation designs
  • Multi-family residential units
  • Holiday bungalows


S and G Associates main concern with interior design is to finalize and finish the construction projects which they undertake. Therefore the S and G Associates is not just an interior decorator firm but is a help in hand to their clients to finalize the construction project as a finished product.

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