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Nalaka WijayawadanaTo whom it may concern,

 I had the privilege of obtaining services of S & G Associates led by Mr. Sugath Gamage when I hired them to build my house in Nugegoda in 2011.

Having heard so many horror stories about negative experiences pertaining to building house and especially with regard to outsourcing it to contractors, I was greatly relieved by the professionalism displayed by S & G Associates in discharging their duties in my project. S & G Associates helped me immensely starting from the planning process right up to areas such as selection of light fittings and other intricacies to get the house me and my wife wanted. I was also pleasantly surprised by their ability to complete the project within the promised timelines and most importantly within the agreed upon budget. Another noteworthy aspect was their level of attention to detail which ensured a quality finished product which we proudly enjoy up to date.

In my opinion the main reasons for their success were their ability to coordinate required manpower, resources and required skills as well as the passion to finish the project in a manner that satisfies the client.

Thanks to S & G Associates, I managed to have my house fully completed within 7 months without having to lose focus on the responsibilities of my career. Even after moving in, whenever I have had any routine maintenance issues, S & G Associates was always willing to help me at a very nominal cost.

In view of my positive experience with S & G Associates, I have no hesitation in recommending them to any party for their construction outsourcing requirements.

Nalaka Wijayawadana

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