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ceoTo whom this may concern,

SandG Associate is one of the oldest Design and build construction company since 1994,Composed of only the most skilled craftsmen and experienced workers. The key concept of the SandG Associates is to provide the best quality buildings to our clients, if not we are not no longer exist. Even when we started SandG Associates, we wanted to be the most customer friendly construction organization which develops a perfect product. The perfect product is all about the finishing and the solidity of the building.

Building can not be built without love. Creating spaces for people and passion of customer friendliness is our key to success. From the very beginning, we love building we love creating space We’re not a general contractor; we want to take care of our customers, because we need great people, who are happy with our buildings and willing to delight with us in their every project. That’s one of the things that started us, making us different from the very beginning.

We are driven by pride and the enjoyment of challenging projects in any Sri Lankan Context. As far as I concern this is a small country and we should respect its environment and natural setting in the country. Our trenchant purpose of building Good designs and the essential values we discerned in every project are the,

  • Detail every single brick in the building
  • Respecting clients’ requirement and the prosperity of the buildings
  • Finishing the building until the perfection to its functionality

We want to be different from others, that’s why we select people those who have the genuine thought and compliments to build something from us. Quantity is not everything; we concern only the quality in a country where the quantity is demanding from top to bottom. We may build or not, but whatever we build we build something solid and quality. Again building something different with its’ originality in an industry that has not always had a reputation for integrity and doing things right the first time. SandG Associates, the Construction of a home doesn’t stop at the doorstep or the handover the keys. Our passion for creating elegant and solid buildings for people does make a good relationship between us and the client. Our clients are people like you. They have the understanding of what we are doing and why we are here, otherwise you are not a client and we are not exist. “Building Buildings together with Great Relationships”.

Thank you Very Much.
Mr.Sugath Gamage (CEO-SandG Associates)

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