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Home is the safe place for anybody, whether you are satisfied with it or not so called home is heaven for anybody. Therefore before you are going to build house you select your location carefully. None of these suggestions available in the common folk is not going to help you to find better land plot. Because there are many contains before you best land selection. And this article all about land selection in Sri Lankan and how you should select you master land plot form the others.

Always open your eyes!

The main cause that people fail to select a plot is not that they fail to find any potential sites. It is because they will not compromise, and will accept nothing less than their dream plot, which in many cases simply does not exist. Therefore the best solution is to keep you option as much as possible. So the you are given lots of probabilities and you can end up with a better land plot. Therefore keen eyes on the land selling industry and selecting lands that you should visit n=and making quick appointments help you to find the best land. If you have some very rigid requirements about where you want to live, the constraints imposed by the available sites may dictate what type of house you will build. For an example you want to live in a specific area and specific place then you are limited with choices as well. But remember you are not going to live forever the decision may include to your children as well.  On the other hand, if you have a firm idea of the character of the house or the Architect is defining a better land plot to you and that architect is so sure of the location the n you have place your mind into that confirm to buy the land. If you can compromise and match your desired build style to your dream location, you improve your chances of achieving your main goal, by widening the choice of plots Available around the country

Sometimes even the people selling a property may not realize that they have a potential building plot on their hands; Most of the Sri Lankans owe a land from their generation. But most of the people just going to buy lands, merely because they want to live next to an urban land… If an existing property is in a very poor state, or structurally damaged, there are possible methods of developing that land to a better extent.

See the figures:

land select

It may not be out of the question to demolish it and replace it with a new house. If you find a rela­tively small house on a large plot, this might also qualify for the same treatment, you can easily remove the existing house and build you dream house in Sri Lanka… Sometimes a plot with a solitary bungalow on it can be replaced by several two story houses, But be careful Sri Lankan land rules and government regulations are tougher for renovations and reconstructions up to regulations.

Study Map and road layout plans before commencing your interest

Using Google Maps (https://www.google.lk/maps/@6.9218386,79.8644828,13z) and even Streetview in Google earth (Not yet assigned to Sri Lankan goggle earth, is a huge boost to the armory of the would-be self-builder looking for plots. You’ll be able to identify gaps in the street scene, small bungalows on large bits of land, and potential backland plots, all of which are ripe for redevelopment.

Familiarize with your land area.

At the start of your search, you need to familiarize yourself with the area, and gather as much information on it as possible. Which is always good to have a friend from the same area and develop your relationship with him or her to follow the land conditions? Even if you are looking in your own neighborhood, you may be surprised by available sources and information about the land.

Use land listing agencies, but be careful!

There is not yet a service that collects planning data which you want to achieve out of the land selling process. But available land selling agencies provide some form of land information. They are a useful starting point, and at the very least will help you to identify those agents who are active in selling land in your target areas. They will also give you an idea of how much land is coming on to the market, and at what sort of price.

Visit planning departments

If anyone wishes to get planning approval to build on a piece of land, they must submit an application, which then becomes a matter of public record. What this means is that you can walk into any planning department and ask to see the Planning Register, in which all the applications and decisions (where they have been reached) are recorded. Many types of council now publish them on their websites.

What you are looking for is recent applications, preferably outline (i.e. no detailed drawings), for single houses. If an approval has not come through, so much the better. A plot will not usually be advertised for sale until the planning approval has been granted, because this enhances the value, and, if someone spots it early enough, they can make an approach before many others are even aware that it is going to be for sale.

If you find a likely application, make a note of the applicant’s details and approach them directly; they are usually, though not always, the owners of the plot. If the application is for outline approval there is a good chance that they are planning to sell, because there is no point in getting a detailed set of plans drawn up which may be changed by a purchaser. But sometimes they may have obtained detailed approval, with a full design, probably because the planners have insisted on it. Either way, there is no reason why you should not make a polite approach, either by letter or telephone.

Ignore the present plan and you existing family conditions

Your dream plot may currently have planning permission for a house you would never consider building. When turning pieces of spare land into building plots, the developer will usually submit plans for the least controversial option in order to get the outline planning approval. These are often bungalows or small houses. The reality is that you may well be able to upgrade this planning approval to the kind of house you want.

Tell friends and family

Most people already have a valuable source of help for finding a site, just waiting to be used: their relatives and acquaintances. Make sure that everyone you know in your family, business and social life knows that you are looking for some land. A classic kind of plot for a one-off house is found in the garden of an existing property, so check out as many gardens as you can for this potential.

Befriend With builders

Builders are not your natural allies when it comes to finding land, more your competitors.  Because most of them have their own agenda on you to find the land. But there are some circumstances in which they may want to help you. And SandG Associates ready to help you all the time. Sometimes a small builder will not want the risk of developing a site, perhaps because of cash-flow problems, and may be prepared to sell you something from their ‘land bank’. They will, however, usually add a condition that you have to use them to build the new house. This is a serious drawback, because if you agree to it before you have detailed plans and specifications you will find that the construction cost is very high, and every extra above the standard requirements may be charged at the highest

Check Wasthu before you buy the Land

Wasthu is not that important factor when you want to buy a land. But there are special circumstances when you need to buy a land which does goes with you timing. For examples there are lands which are not suit to your horoscope.

But we usually don’t follow those traditional concepts of starts controlling us instead. However Wasthu has real values other than considering stars. For an example direction of the sound and fist sun sight from the land is very important. For an example is your land direct to east or north which means the land is in the good direction.

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